Florida DMV Courier Services

Florida DMV Courier Services

As an authorized vendor for the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, Backtrack Research makes daily trips to Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. We assist citizens who are out state and need immediate assistance at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.



Certified Driving Records
(also known as abstracts) for employment, obtaining licenses in other states, etc. (3 year, 7 year or 11 year complete)
2 weeks
Paying ReinstatementFees Same Day
Duplicate/Replacement Drivers License or Identification Cards 2 weeks
Letters of Verification Same Day
Registration Renewal Same Day
Duplicate Titles
(or electronic titles if you qualify)
Same Day
Original or Transfer of Title Same Day
Title History Printout 2 weeks
Specific Title Transaction 2 weeks
Complete Title History 2 weeks
New York State Driver & Motor Vehicle Records Call

Please fax to 1-800-814-7714 or 850-878-1131
or email DMV@BackTrackresearch.com