Comprehensive Research Services

Research Services

At BackTrack we provide the expertise required for due diligence of public and proprietary research by providing state, county and Federal criminal background checks, social security traces, drivers license records, civil litigation records, bankruptcy records, education verification, workers compensation filings, terrorist watch list, sex offender, education verification, past employment, license verifications, and more.


Our services are most typically utilized by Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Employers, Landlords, the court system, healthcare companies, educational institutions, and others with a recurring need to verify information about those they interact with. If we can help you or if you have a question about our services please give us a call at (850) 878-5437  and one of our research experts will be happy to assist you in finding out the truth!

Accident ReportCopy of a particular motor vehicle accident report.

Accident SearchA search for all vehicle accidents an individual has been involved in since 1983 as driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, vehicle owner, and property owner.

Aircraft/Pilot SearchA nationwide search for aircraft registration or pilot licensing.

Asset SearchIncludes property, vehicles, corporate search, UCC search, boats and aircraft on an individual or company.

Bankruptcy SearchA search listing bankruptcy information on an individual or company.

Civil SearchPrint out listing litigation filed with the Clerk of Court Recording Department in a particular county. Does not include pending or dismissed cases

Comprehensive ProfileReport includes accidents, addresses and neighbors, aircraft, boats, corporate affiliations, date of birth, driver’s license information, marriages, phone listings, professional licenses, property, social security number, UCC’s, vehicles and workers’ compensation claims on an individual.

Corporate DocumentsCopies of documents filed for a particular corporation or limited partnership.

Corporate Filing ServicesExpedited filing of your pre-paid corporate documents.

Corporate SearchInformation on a corporation or limited partnership; or an officer/director search listing corporations and limited partnerships an individual is associated with.

County Criminal SearchInformation obtained on an individual’s criminal history in a particular county. Most counties available nationwide.

Criminal History SearchInformation regarding the criminal arrest and conviction record of an individual.

Death Claim SearchNationwide search to determine if a death claim has been filed for a particular name or social security number.

Division of LicensingLicense information on private investigators, security guards, repossesors, etc.

Divorce SearchA search for divorces filed for an individual. Includes name of husband and wife, divorce date, and county.

Documented Vessels SearchNationwide search listing all documented vessels registered to an individual or company.

Driver Information By AddressA list of all licensed drivers registered to a particular address. May include name, date of birth, sex, race, etc.

Driver’s License Application CopyCopy of original driver’s license application.

Driving RecordDocumentation listing the driving history of an individual in a particular state.

Fictitious Name SearchA search listing information on a fictitious business name, includes sole proprietorships.

Locate SearchMultiple searches combined in an attempt to develop an address for an individual nationwide.

Marriage SearchA search for marriage recordings. Includes name of bride and groom, date of marriage, and county that issued license.

Professional Licensing SearchA search listing information on professional licenses and individual holds.

Real Property Ownership SearchA search for property owned by an individual or company, according to the previous year’s tax rolls.

Social Security Number TraceNationwide information header which lists names and addresses used by a consumer.

Telephone Number SearchNationwide search for the telephone number listed to an individual or company.

Title HistoryDocumentation of prior ownership of a particular vehicle.

Title FilingFast DMV processing of transfers, duplicates, repossesions, salvage titles, etc.

Trademark SearchNationwide search for trademark information. Includes owner’s name, trademark description and status.

UCC Lien PhotocopiesCopies of UCC liens filed on the state level.

UCC Lien SearchSearch for individuals or companies who have secured a loan with collateral. Includes debtor and secured parties, filing date and file number.

Vehicle SearchInformation on vehicles registered to an individual or company.

Vehicles by AddressPrintout listing all vehicles registered at a particular address.

Vessel/Boat SearchInformation on boats registered to an individual or company.

Worker’s Compensation Search